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Welcome to

Sage Farm Antiques

     Sage Farm Antiques is kicking off our 2017 season with the great antiques, vintage and re-purposed shows you have come to love.

     Sage Farm, located in, North Hampton, NH., will be doing ten monthly markets in 2017 with fresh product each time, along with additional participation in such great shows as the Brimfield Antique Shows, held 3 times annually in Brimfield, Massachusetts. If antiquing is your thing, then Sage Farm Antiques is the place to start your hunt.

     The 2017 season finds us hosting the Sage Farm Antiques Autumn Spectacular for the third year running. We are very excited to announce our new location, which will allow us to have even more dealers! The show, which will feature 100 booths filled with antiques, vintage and re-purposed dealers, will be held at The Hampshire Dome, in Milford, NH.  Click on our events button above in order to see full descriptions of all of our great Markets and the shows we participate in or host.

     If you’d like to see the types of things we and our dedicated group of dealers carry, click on the Gallery button above and view pictures of the items we have sold in the past. Current pictures will be added as markets occur.

     Continuing to work on a resolution to add to the Blog a minimum of once a month. And, to invite our dealers to join in that process so we can all learn from each other.

     We are very excited to be able to introduce you to our group of talented dealers. Those that are with us consistently and also those who join in the fun and “guest” with us when their schedules allow. As we snap pictures of them and get in depth information on how they came to be in the business, we’ll share those insights with you.

     If you are reading this then you are seeing our new web site, launched in March of 2015 with far more features and options than we have had in the past, along with our new logo. The farm itself is all dressed up in a new coat of green siding (our favorite color!) Pictures coming soon. The snow is too high to contemplate it right now! It’s been a great 16 years, here’s to 16 more and the continuation of a wild, fun ride in the business we love and consider ourselves blessed to be a part of. We’ll see you at the Market!


OPEN 3 DAYS EACH MONTH: 1st Friday of the month - following Sunday

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